What You Need to Know About Chesapeake Heroin Addiction Rehab

Learn more about the tried-and-true opiate addiction treatment programs that can enable your recovery

America's opioid crisis cannot be ignored. In 2015, there were 33,091 known overdose deaths in the United States and Virginia has not escaped the epidemic. In fact, the opioid addiction crisis has even been declared an official Public Health Emergency by the state of Virginia. Opiate overdoses have become the number one cause of unnatural death in the state – even overtaking the number of deaths caused by car accidents. Heroin and opiate addiction treatment programs are desperately needed to help addicts recover from addiction. Chesapeake Heroin Addiction Rehab programs use evidence-based therapies to help addicted individuals achieve their goal of recovery.

After arriving at one of the opiate rehab centers Chesapeake is home to, the first step of treatment is something called medical detoxification. Medical detox is essentially withdrawal from a drug, in this case an opiate, but with several significant aspects that are unavailable during at-home or "cold turkey" withdrawal. First and most importantly, medical detox takes place in opiate addiction treatment facilities that are staffed by medical professionals who are experienced in helping addicted individuals rid their bodies and minds of the drug and the additional toxins that are so often mixed into street-sold opiates like heroin.

The medical staff provide around-the-clock monitoring and care to ensure that there is no danger to the patient as they go through the process of medical detox. These pfffrofessionals are also able to administer the appropriate medications to alleviate the most extreme symptoms that are experienced during withdrawal, which can include

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Extreme changes in mood
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Hallucinations
  • Stomach cramping and gastric distress
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Widespread pain
  • Uncontrollable trembling
  • Increased and severe cravings

Having access to addiction treatment programs that address these symptoms is incredibly helpful to avoid unnecessary distress and even immediate relapse. A clear, sober mind is key to moving forward to the next step in treatment in Chesapeake heroin addiction rehab facilities.

After completing medical detoxification, the next step is joining the general population of one of the opiate rehab centers Chesapeake is home to. This allows a patient to begin to address their mental addiction to drugs as well as determine the state of their mental health in general. The best Chesapeake heroin addiction rehab centers will perform a full psychological evaluation to ascertain if a recovering addict is suffering from any other mental health conditions in addition to their addiction. If there is a coexisting illness, a patient receives what is called a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis may sound daunting, but it is simply the recognition that specialized treatment is needed for two separate conditions to allow full recovery. This step is crucial in your journey to reclaim a happy, healthy life after addiction.

Regardless of whether or not you receive a dual diagnosis, most opiate addiction treatment programs provide both individual and group counseling. Counseling sessions take place at every opiate rehab center Chesapeake is home to, with licensed therapists who can address your unique experience with addiction. Therapy topics can range from discussion of what led up to your addiction to the personal ramifications of your drug use and even extends to learning positive coping mechanisms and making new plans for your future.

Group counseling, on the other hand, is a peer-oriented experience that encourages sharing your thoughts and feelings about addiction and recovery as well as supporting others as they reveal their own stories. This bonding experience often results in strong friendships that extend beyond your time in Chesapeake heroin addiction rehab facilities to provide you with a support group that understands exactly what you have been through and what you are going through now. This support group, along with your family and friends, will play an important role in relapse prevention.The relapse prevention techniques and training taught at Chesapeake heroin addiction rehab facilities can help you and your loved ones recognize the warning signs of a potential relapse and respond to them effectively, averting setbacks in your recovery due to temptations you may face as you return to your everyday life.

Chesapeake heroin addiction rehab centers can help you heal from your drug use and recover from addiction. No matter how far gone you may feel, achieving sobriety is possible. You may think that your window to seek help has passed, but recovery is still within your grasp. You can reach the 24 hour helpline at Chesapeake Drug Treatment Centers by calling (877) 804-1531. We can help you find Chesapeake heroin addiction rehab facilities that will give you the tools you need to take back the life you loved.



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