Inpatient Detox Centers

If you are trying to stop drug abuse, the best and safest way to do it is at inpatient detox centers. Find out why.

Detoxification is the process of safely eliminating toxic substances (alcohol, drugs) from your body. It is extremely important to do this in a supervised environment due to its complex nature and to avoid any health risks. This is why inpatient detox centers are always recommended in situations of addictions and rehab.

The inpatient drug treatment centers Chesapeake is home to have an outstanding success rate because they have some of the most qualified medical professionals to handle the process and ensure that you are kept safe and comfortable while you experience withdrawal symptoms.

We all know how withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable and - in some instances - even painful for the patient. Chesapeake drug addiction detox facilities offer a cocoon-like environment for the most vulnerable state of your rehabilitation.

When you experience withdrawal symptoms, they can be mild (fatigue, uneasiness, sleeplessness) and go to severe (dizziness, tremors, seizures) rather quickly. Inpatient detox centers provide around-the-clock care for each patient, making certain that complications don't arise.

The problem with detoxifying and experiencing withdrawal symptoms is, that if you are not trained to respond accordingly to some symptoms, you may be putting your life in danger. The inpatient drug treatment centers Chesapeake offers have the medical expertise to prevent this.

Whether you need medical detox (use of medication to fight certain drugs, like heroin) or non-medical detoxification, inpatient detox centers make sure that you get sober at a safe pace, which helps prevent relapsing.

Relapse is also prevented because, when you stay at inpatient Chesapeake drug addiction detox facilities you are removed from places or situations that could trigger the substance abuse. This is crucial in this first phase of recovery.

Many of the inpatient drug treatment centers in Chesapeake provide commodities to make your recovery even more comfortable and faster. By providing you with the care and attention you need, in an environment that has additional perks (spa, gym, outdoor activities), you definitely feel that you are on your way to a better you.

When you complete Chesapeake drug addiction detox programs it is time to start phase 2: Therapy. This is probably the core of the rehabilitation process. Psychotherapists help you learn to identify, understand and address emotional and psychological issues that may have contributed to your substance abuse.

Furthermore, in this phase, Chesapeake inpatient drug treatment centers are also able to identify if you need a dual-diagnosis treatment to manage a situation of co-occurring disorders. Rehabilitation experts have the knowledge to treat both your addiction and your mental health issue, simultaneously.

When you decide it is time to start getting clean and getting your life back on track, inpatient detox centers are the first tool to help you. Once you are clean, getting proper rehabilitation and having a continuous after-care plan is what makes rehab successful.

There are many inpatient drug treatment centers in Chesapeake that are available to teach you the required tools to follow a proper long-term maintenance plan, one that ensures you stay sober in the long run. Getting clean is not just about removing the toxins, it's about understanding that having them in your life has a negative impact in every aspect of it. It's a risk for yourself and everyone around you,

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