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If you have finally come to the conclusion that you need help to deal with your dependency upon drugs or alcohol, you should enroll in one of the many residential detox programs in Chesapeake, VA immediately. Not only will participation in such a closed setting remove easy access to controlled substances, but it will also allow you to cleanse your body appropriately. Under the care of leading rehabilitation specialists, you will learn to live without the crutch of alcohol, prescription pills or other drugs. As you experience withdrawal, physicians will be on hand to provide the latest medications to help mitigate the adverse effects.

Understanding Your Addiction is Vital to Relapse Prevention

While addiction has many common traits found among almost all addicts, the underlying reasons for such behavior are almost always uniquely personal. When you enter residential treatment centers for addiction, you come under the care of supervising counselors or psychiatrists who will help you delve into the personal reasons for your alcohol or drug use. Once the reasons for your addiction are revealed, you and your rehab team can help heal the wounds and provide effective coping mechanisms. This analysis will provide the foundation for relapse prevention strategies.

Formulating Avoidance Strategies

After you and your team have a good grasp of the emotional and psychological reasons for your chemical dependency, you can begin to develop coping strategies. The triggers that set off your drug or alcohol use become recognizable, and that will permit you to take pro-active steps for relapse prevention. This might involve drastic changes in your lifestyle like leaving a highly stressful occupation, avoiding certain social contacts, or contacting a sponsor when a relapse is imminent.

Building a Strong Network of Sponsors and Accountability Partners

Upon completing treatment in residential detox programs, patients return to regular life with all of its potential temptations. In order to diminish the lure of those temptations, you will need to rely on others who can provide emotional support and acute intervention. In most cases, this support network will include a mix of rehabilitation specialists and loved ones who can help with relapse prevention.

Seek Out Medical or Psychological Intervention as Necessary

The process of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is never fully completed, although the power of these substances over you will definitely diminish over time. Relapse prevention programs are designed to help you with almost any eventuality but they may not always provide the immediate care you require in a given situation. If a situation should arise that is overwhelming you, you may need to obtain medical or psychological intervention in a hurry. Keep contact information on hand so you can contact the detox facility you attended for assistance. You may need to return for a short stay or they may put you in contact with relapse prevention facilities in the Chesapeake, VA community. If for some reason, your old detox center is not available, you may visit a hospital or clinic for immediate treatment or seek out assistance from community or governmental agencies. For help finding treatment programs that will give you the support and resources to overcome your addiction, call Chesapeake Drug Treatment Centers today at (757) 447-9507.

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